• Mrs. Mauk’s 

    Classroom Policies






    Teacher Contact Info:

    Email: delacy.mauk@dvusd.org 

    Phone Number: (602) 467-5900 Ext. 75959 

    Office: (602) 467-5900

    Teacher Website: https://www.dvusd.org/sr-mauk

    I will do my best to return your call, email, or direct message within 24 hours. If you have a behavior or academic concern, please email me first so that I can have all of the information on hand when I return your message. You may request a call back through email, please be sure to leave the number that is best to reach you at and I will call within 24 hours. 

    I only return emails and phone calls between 7:30am-4pm Monday-Friday. If you email me on the weekend, I will respond to you by Monday. Thank you!

    Email is the best way to reach me.

    Also, please be sure to check out my teacher website for any upcoming events, reminders, and classroom needs https://www.dvusd.org/sr-mauk


    Class Schedule

    School hours are 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

    Breakfast and Writing Warm Up

    English Language Arts




    Social Studies

    Recess and Lunch

    Reading and Math Intervention

    Social Studies


    2:15-3:00 Specials/end of day


    What is My Student Learning this Year?

    This is a little snip-it of some of the topics students will be learning this year


    Writing numerical equations
    Understanding the place value system with whole numbers and decimals to hundredths
    Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions
    Graphing points on a plane
    Learning two dimensional figures and categories
    To reason abstractly
    Model mathematics
    Attend to precision


    Planets and the solar system
    Creating a hypothesis and questions
    Conducting science experiments
    Analyzing scientific data and making predictions and conclusions
    Human systems and anatomy
    Basic physics including motion, gravity and friction
    Chemistry including atoms and molecules

    Reading & Writing

    Read and comprehend grade appropriate text 
    Write with clear purpose and audience
    Learn 5th grade vocabulary
    Decode new words from knowing root meanings
    Practice stamina reading (reading for 20-30 minutes independently)
    Read and explore a variety of texts and genres
    Report on a topic and use supportive evidence for claim

    Social Studies

    American History to Industrialism
    Comparing events over time
    Analyzing various perspectives and resources
    Individual rights, roles and responsibilities as a citizen
    Government systems
    How laws govern society
    Individual finances
    Understanding the economy at different levels including individual, groups and society


    Student Wellness and Snacks

    Student wellness and health is my primary concern and goal in the classroom. This includes taking brain breaks, my mindfulness desk with tools when students feel overwhelmed and having snacks. I will often provide a snack for students but you are also welcome to provide snacks. I allow students to eat a snack anytime during the day, it is part of taking care of themselves.


    Homework Policies and Expectations

    Families are getting busier and busier as the years go on!
    My philosophy on homework is to make it short and sweet. Students do what they really need practice with.
    Unless discussed in class or is a take home project, students weekly homework will be to do Dreambox, which as an online math practice system. In addition, reading 20 minutes most school nights or an hour a week. 
    Students reading and Dreambox tracking sheet will be collected every Friday and a new sheet given out. The first sheet will be given out the second week of school.


    Behavior Expectations and Procedures

    PAWS is our school-wide expectation system





    Please review with your student and encourage them to tell you what PAWS looks like around our campus!

    Below, you will find the procedures that will be followed when students are not meeting classroom expectations.

    Special Note: My classroom is a positive and supportive space. With this, behavior is not handled negatively, but in a positive way where we all learn from mistakes and continue to grow. At anytime a student needs a break, I have a mindfulness space where students can take a breather and join the class when they are ready. Every situation is handled with love and care. When students participate in a minor offense, I speak with them and they complete a reflection sheet where they can reflect on their choices and make a plan to make better ones.

    Minor Classroom Behaviors

    First Offense:

    Redirect and reteach expectations
    Verbal reflection with teacher or other staff member
    Opportunity for natural consequence
    Log offense and inform student
    Parent contact (optional)

    Second Offense:

    Redirect and reteach expectations
    Written reflection in buddy room
    Verbal reflection with teacher or other staff member
    Opportunity for natural consequence
    Log offense and inform student
    Parent contact 

    Third Offense:

    Verbal reflection with teacher or other staff member
    Opportunity for natural consequence
    Log offense and inform student
    Parent contact 
    Plan for student success is made

    Fourth Offense:

    Office Referral
    Attach student behavior log

    Examples of minor behaviors:

    -Interfering with instruction

    -Refusal to comply with directions

    -Being disrespectful with staff and students

    -Misusing technology


    Major Offenses will be handled with referral to office and supportive personnel as well as completing an incident referral sheet. If severe, immediate call will be made to the office and student removed. The goal is to keep all students safe.

    Examples of major behaviors:

    -Leaving class without permission

    -Throwing, Kicking or Punching 

    -Destruction of property