• Reading Street


    Reading Street is the Language Arts curriculum that we use at Mountain Shadows. The students have access to it at the Pearson website.


    They can also use Moby Max to practice at https://www.mobymax.com/signin

    Students will:

    • understand the 7 syllable types
    • learn Latin & Greek roots
    • read at 5th grade fluency levels
    • add to their vocabulary knowledge using context clues
    • read fiction and non-fiction texts from a variety of genres
    • compare and contrast characters, settings, and events in a story
    • determine theme
    • make inferences from texts
    • quote from and paraphrase texts
    • understand figurative language (similes and metaphors)
    • understand and compare text structures (chronology, comparison, cause & effect, problem & solution)
    • determine and understand a narrator's and/or author's point of view
    • compare and contrast different texts in the same genre
    • determine main idea and details
    • summarize texts
    • understand tone and mood