• I use a Clip Chart Behavior plan in my classroom. Each student has a clothespin.  Everyone's clothespin begins the day in the middle of the chart on green, Ready to Learn. Students may be asked to move their clothespin up or down the chart during the day depending on their choices.Here is a model of the Clip Chart and what each space on the chart means:
    If students move their clip to red they will get a start by their name on a chart and work towards a reward at the end of the quarter. Students move to blue for making good choices. Other students congratulate the student.
    All students begin each day on green. They will move up or down during the day depending on the choices they make. Students move to yellow as a reminder that they need to follow the classroom rules. When students move to orange they will receive a logical consequence.Students who move to red will complete a stop and think reflection. This will come home to be signed by a parent and returned. Depening on the action, the student may lose a classroom privilige.