• Writing:

    We have begun working on our opinion writing unit. We have just finished writing about our favorite Dr. Seuss book and we are now writing about our favorite seasons! Please practice handwriting at home with your student! (Remember we always write letters starting at the TOP!)

  • Reading:

    The sight words we are woking on this week are; about, surprise, enjoy, worry, give, & would. We will be working on breaking apart and blending the sounds in words, rhyming, and changing the beginning sounds in words. In phonics, we will be learning about the long a sound when it looks like ai and ay. When reading with your student make sure you are reading with fluency (not like a robot) and encourage your students to read fluently as well. For comprehension, we are working on drawing conclusions. 


  • Math:

    We are moving into module 4 which is really understanding how manipulate the tens and ones in numbers. We will be practicing how to separate numbers into tens and ones, regrouping, and using dimes and pennies to break a number apart.

  • Science:

    We will be starting our unit rocks this week! We will be sorting rocks by what they look like, learning about what makes up a rock and the different types of rocks we can find inour own back yard!