Flexible Seating


    Where you do you do your best work?  Is it at a desk with a straight chair?  A comfortable couch where you can put your feet up?  Do you need your own space or do you work well with people working around you?  A person's individual learning style is something I thought a lot about when creating my classroom space.  I also thought about how my students and I spend more waking hours at school than home in many cases.  The classroom environment should be a place of respect, learning, fun, and a home away from home.

    I took the leap years ago and removed nearly all of my desks and regular chairs from my classroom.  In their place there are tables of different heights, wobble stools, bean bag chairs, scoop rockers, cushions, a couch, and many other options.  This way each student can work in an environment that works for them, while understanding that flexible seating is a privilege with responsibilities.  My students have loved it and felt they could learn individually and collaboratively.  I have also had parents notice how the students feel a sense of pride and community within our classroom due to flexible seating. 

    I researched flexible seating and how it would work best with my teaching style.  Here is a link to one of the websites I used to help me think through how I wanted flexible seating to improve the learning environment in my classroom: https://thekindergartensmorgasboard.com/2018/09/flexible-seating-research.html