• Our Philosophy

    At Village Meadows, we believe that all students can learn and achieve at a high level of competency. To encourage our students to be their best, we use Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS). In our class, we work on the motto that we are here to learn and improve our skills every single day. We launched our year focusing on perseverence and working with a growth mindset. A growth mindset involves positive self-talk and a "never give up" attitude.


    Student in our class can earn Viking Vouchers for exhibiting the positive behaviors that lead to positive learning:




    Ready to Learn

    When students earn a Viking Voucher, they are entered in the weekly drawing for all fifth graders. Additionally, we have weekly drawings for prizes in class. When table groups work as a positive unit, they may earn table point tickets in our class, too. Weekly prizes go to the table groups that earn the most tickets.


    Our school expectations are to:

    Be Classy

    Village Meadows...




    Ready to Learn

    To be our best in class, we sit in SNAP.

    • Sit up Straight
    • Nothing in your Hands
    • Attention on the Speaker
    • Prepared to Learn

    To be our best around campus, we walk in FLASH lines.

    • Face Forward
    • Lips Sealed
    • Attention in Front
    • Spine Straight
    • Hands Behind your Back


    1st-Verbal Warning

    2nd-Fill out a think sheet to be signed and returned

    3rd-Call or email home


    Talking in class is a particular concern that distracts from the learning of others and the person talking. We have many opportunities to talk with peers about the things we are learning. When talking happens during the instruction or is off-topic, students may have immediate consequences during the school day.

    1st-Verbal/Visual Warning

    2nd-Partial Recess Lost

    3rd-Full Recess Lost

    4th-Lunch and Recess in class (and a call or email home)