Khan – Practice from this website will be assigned from time to time.  However, this is an excellent resource with video tutorials to help reinforce difficult concepts and a great place to turn when you have questions.  Videos are aligned with the Open Up program (listed as Illustrative Math), however, there is not a video for every lesson.


    DreamBox Learning – Extend your understanding of what we’re learning in class and challenge yourself to push ahead with fun, interactive math games.  (This link will take you to the DVUSD Portal.  Login in and access DreamBox through the portal to access your DreamBox account.)


    Alta Sierra - This is an amazing one stop sight for copies to the downloable version of each lesson, links to Khan videos and Khan activities, and self created videos that provide extra support of each lesson.


    Open Up Resources – This is the material we are using in class this year.  All lessons, cool downs, practice problems, etc. can be found at and printed from this website.


    PowerSchools Access - This link will take you to the directions for accessing your (your child's) PowerSchool account.  In PowerSchools you can easily track grades and attendance.