• 6th Grade SV STEAM

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    Sierra Verde STEAM Academy students use the Engineering Design Process and work collaboratively in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages finding creative solutions to real world problems. Our partnership with families and the community provides a supportive environment with high academic standards dedicated to maximizing critical thinking, innovation, productive struggle, and collaboration to drive learning and problem solving. For the 2019-2020 School year, Sierra Verde will be using the theme of “Conservation” to guide our STEAM focus.  All our stakeholders will be working towards the essential question “How do we conserve at Sierra Verde?


    What will STEAM look like in 6th grade this year?

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    Each teacher will be designing STEAM activities that correlate to the overall theme of conservation, as well as other activties that are subject related.  We will no longer be having a specific "STEAM Day" this year, but instead, each teacher will have STEAM projects/assignments that are related to the content area of that class.  This will make the learning more authentic and meaningful.  Activities will occur at least once per quarter and will be related to our driving question of "How can we maximize conservation at Sierra Verde?"  Other activites will occur as well, as they related to the content we are teaching.  We will let you know about the STEAM activities in our weekly emails.