The Salt River


    Welcome students, parents and guardians!

    My name is Theresa Smith and I teach English Language Arts (ELA) 1-2 (ninth graders) at Boulder Creek High School, along with ELA Lab (intensive reading) and English Language learners.

    My goal is to help students improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, along with helping them grow as critical thinkers. Along these lines, students spend significant time exploring the motives behind persuasion and rhetoric to gain an awareness of how they are being persuaded.

    Is it through emotion (pathos)? Is it through statistics and facts (logos)? Or is the source or speaker persuasive through their expertise and trustworthiness (ethos)?

    Are two or three persuasive appeals in action at the same time?

    Speaking of time, as students will hopefully learn, kairos is the "perfect time". It is the opportune time to say or do the appropriate action.

    I observed the red rocks depicted (below) on a hike in Sedona. They are an example of imagery. I teach my students to write descriptively, and as readers, to appreciate descriptive writing, invoking all of the senses.  Another aspect of ELA 1-2 and ELA Lab: gaining an understanding and appreciation for figurative language.



    Scene from a hike in Sedona