• Norterra Canyon School

    7th Grade Science


    Dear parents and guardians,

     I am truly excited to have your student in my 7th grade science class.  In this letter, I have included some helpful tips and general information concerning contact information and tutoring with me.

    What your student can do to succeed in science

    • Be present in class
    • Maintain their notes
    • Keep their papers in a folder organized by date
    • Complete all assigned work.
    • Ask questions

    What parents and guardians can do to help their student in science

    • Make sure students go to bed on time. They still need 9-10 hours of sleep each night.
    • Check the student's portal regularly. I update the grade book weekly.
    • Read the 7th Grade Weekly News Letter
    • Ask your student about what they are learning.
    • Encourage your student to get help.
    • Email or call me directly with any questions or concerns.
    • You are always welcome to set up a meeting with me.

    Contact Information

    Email: Chelsea.lane@dvusd.org    I generally answer email around noon or after school of the same day.

    Phone: 623-445-8278           I will get back to you within 24 hours

    I look forward to getting to know your student and helping them to succeed in science.

    Thank You,

    Ms. Chelsea Lane


    7th Grade Curriculum


    • Unit 1: Newton’s Laws

    • Unit 2: Forces at a Distance

    • Unit 3: Gravitational Forces

    • Unit 4: Weather, Climate, and Water Cycling

    • Unit 5: Metabolic Reactions

    • Unit 6: Matter Cycling and Photosynthesis

    • Unit 7: How and Why does Earth’s Surface Change


    IB Criteria

    Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding

    Criteria B: Inquiring and Design

    Criteria C: Processing and Evaluating

    Criteria D: Reflecting on the Impacts of Science




    7-8th Grade IBMYP Rubric to Grade Conversion

    IB Achievement Level

    7-8 Grade Standards Based Grading



    1-2 (1)

    F=60 No Evidence

    1-2 (2)

    D = 69 Minimally Proficient


    C = 79 Partially Proficient


    B = 89 Proficient


    A = 100 Highly Proficient