Hillcrest Middle School will offer a comprehensive Physical Education program that adheres to state and district guidelines.  We believe our program will challenge each student to reach his/her highest potential and allow opportunities for success and enjoyment.


    We would like to explain a few items of importance to you and your child about our Physical Education program here at Hillcrest Middle School.


    Each student is required to dress appropriately for daily activities.  The Physical Education department suggests that each student has the following:

    • Tennis shoes with socks
    • Sweat suits or warm-ups during the cold weather months
    • Students should dress appropriately for the weather conditions
    • Shirt must be a full T-shirt with sleeves
    • NO tank tops
    • NO half shirts or torn shirts
    • Mid section must be covered
    • NO short shorts – shorts must be longer than finger tips when hands are by place by their side


    Each student will store their backpack and personal items in the locker rooms at the start of class, but will not be issued locks or personal lockers.  Students may bring a change of clothes or hygiene products with them to use in the locker room.  Students will bring these items home with them daily.


    Parent notes to excuse a student from P.E are good for up to three days.  Anything past three days must be a written note from a doctor.  A copy of the note will be submitted to the school nurse.


    Throughout the school year the Physical Education students will participate in a variety of team sports, fitness concepts, physical conditioning and weight training.


    Arizona State Standards for Health and Physical Education:



    Arizona College and Career Ready Standards:



    Grading is based on participation, effort, and assessments.  Students may lose grading points for lack of dressing out or participation.  If a student does not dress out and chooses not to participate they will receive 0 points for the day.

    Grading Scale:

    • 100-90% = A
    • 89-80% = B
    • 79-70% = C
    • 69-60% = D
    • Below = F




    MTSS/RTI – B:  Response to intervention- behavior (The HMS School-wide Prevention Program)


    Our Progressive discipline is based on the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Response to Intervention-Behavior (RTI-B)


    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.  Specific guidelines are outlined in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) Handbook.  The school rules apply while coming to school, going home from school, and at all school-sponsored events.  General misbehavior is handled by the classroom teacher in the following manner:


    Progressive Behavior Interventions:

    Step 1:  Universal Interventions (Warnings/Redirection)

    Step 2:  1st Minor Incident Report with Interventions

    Step 3:  2nd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Email

    Step 4:  3rd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Phone Call

    Step 5:  Major Behavioral Referral


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be given according to the DVUSD discipline guidelines as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibility (SRR) Handbook.


    Students will also use Canvas, the online learning platform for the district throughout the year to complement the activities they learn in Physical Education.  Because of the online usage students and parents should be familiar with the Digital Norms for Hillcrest and the District from the SRR Handbook.




    1. Students will need to ensure all language, appearances, and behaviors are school appropriate. If students could not do it in the classroom, then they should not be able to do it online.



    It is our hope that your child will enjoy a positive experience in Physical Education here at Hillcrest.  We encourage young people to incorporate some regular physical activity into their lifestyles.  Your support and encouragement in this endeavor is appreciated.


    Hillcrest Physical Education Staff:                    


    Mr. Bloomfield (Team Lead)                                                        Ms. Mokogwu

    (623) 376-3347                                                                           (623) 376-3348

    Kenneth.Bloomfield@dvusd.org                                      Elizabeth.Mokogwu@dvusd.org


    Mr. Kalk                                                          

    (623) 376-3347