• Due: Friday 10/4

    Death Mask Design Challenge! 


    Create a death mask for a specific Pharaoh that will serve as an honor to them and their service to the Egyptians.


    Which pharaoh would you like to create a death mask for? You may use one from our book or look a new one up: 



    Why was this pharaoh important to Egyptian civilization? What were his or her contributions? 



    Materials: Cardboard, paint, markers, colored pencils, masks, gold foil, normal foil, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, etc. 

     You must find different objects to draw or assemble in order to enhance the picture (glitter, paint, jewelry, rice, etc.). Decorations around the Pharaoh should reflect facts we know about that Pharaoh. 

     First, sketch out a design for your mask and plan which materials you want to use.

     After you have sketched and planned a design, gather your supplies and begin assembling! 

     Reflection Question:


    How does your death mask reflect the Pharaoh that you designed it for? Make sure to respond in complete sentences, giving specific examples of how you tailored the death mask for that particular Pharaoh. 


    Mummified Apples in Canopic Jars

       Using the supplies below, students must first design one canopic jar. To find inspiration on
    decorating the canopic jars, please visit http ://www.museumofmythology.com/Egypt/canopic_jar.htm
       Using 4 slices of apple, students must test different mixtures using salt, baking soda, vinegar, and
    sugar. Out of the 4 slices, they must have a control group (no ingredients used on the apple) to
    measure the mummification process. They need to write down the exact measurements for each
    mixture using the next page. Each Canopic Jar needs to be labeled with the mixture. After applying
    the mixtures to the apples, they are placed inside the sealed jars. For the next four days, students
    must record their observations during the mummification process. After writing their end result
    and reflection, as a class discuss which mixtures best preserved the apple slices.

    Materials for designing
    Canopic Jars:

    Cans with lids (such as mini Pringles)
    Playdough or clay, paper Mache 

    Materials/Ingredients for
    Mummified Apples:


    Lemon Juice

    Baking soda

    Due: Tuesday 10/15

    Ch.5 Ancient Egypt Rubric for Death Masks

    and Canopic Jars.

    Criterion D: Thinking Critically

    Maximum: 8 points

    At the end of year 1, students should be able to:

    1. analyze concepts, issues, models, visual representation and/or theories

     Rubric for both Projects (They are both individual grades).

    Achievement Level

    Level Descriptor

    Task Specific Descriptor


    The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below.



    The student:

    1. identifies the main points of ideas, events, visual representation or argument to a limited extent.


    The project is bare minimum with the least amount of detail.


    The student:

    1. identifies some main points of ideas, events, visual representation or arguments.


    The project has some detail, but lacks creativity.


    The student:

    1. identifies the main points of ideas, events, visual representation or arguments.


    The project has detail, but may be lacking some creativity.


          The student:

    1. identifies in detail the main points of ideas, visual representation or argument.


    The project is very detailed and shows the hard work and understanding put into it.