Gifted Talent Screening for Kindergarten 2020


    Safety Protocols for Summer Testing


    Deer Valley Gifted Services is pleased to announce gifted talent screening for placement into our kindergarten programs for the 2020-2021 School Year!

    ABOUT -

    Kindergarten Talent Screening is meant to find incoming Kindergarten students with gifted potential and place them with gifted trained teachers for the school year. The students who meet the criteria of the Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener will be able to participate in any Deer Valley gifted program for this pivotal school year. Gifted programs offered are Bright Child Kindergarten, Gifted Cluster Kindergarten, and Gifted Talent Pool Clusters.



    We are unable to provide assessments while schools are closed, but have added some summer dates. We hope to be able to provide the screenoing on the dates below. If we have to cancel, full refunds will be provided. 


    • We have three testing dates in the Spring of 2020 Now Canceled

            April 4th, April 18th and May 9th  


    • Summer Testing dates:

            June 20th and July 18th   NEW


    • Testing will take place at Barry Goldwater High School
    • Students will be screened by DVUSD Gifted Specialists and Gifted Kindergarten Teachers
    • Cost is $45 per student
    • Time for screening 30 – 45 minutes




    • The Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener does not guarantee enrollment at a Deer Valley school. Students must still enroll, including open enrollment if necessary, at a Deer Valley School to be considered for placement.
    • Students must be age five by August 31st 2020 to be eligible for enrollment into Kindergarten
    • Because this is a screener, students will need to be assessed for formal gifted identification in the spring of their Kindergarten year to move into gifted services in first grade
    • The Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener is not an academic screener and students may be required to, and are encouraged to, participate in any school’s academic screening. This will help the classroom teacher better prepare for your child
    • Programs may fill up. If that occurs your child will be placed on a waitlist
Screening Flyer
  • If your child is currently attending one of our schools, and also qualifies for free and reduced lunch, you may be able to receive a discounted testing fee. Please email your child’s name and school I.D. number to to inquire. Please call 623.445.3291 if you have any questions.

  • Other Testing


    We are offering gifted screening because we do not yet have a group test we can use for children this young. If you would like your child tested for state approved gifted identification prior to their Kindergarten year and not just screened into our Kindergarten program, you can have them tested by a psychologist. Please follow the link below for more information.


    Private Gifted Testing


    Only students who pass our screening tool or who have scores, from a psychologist at or above the 90th percentile in an approved area will be eligible for gifted services in Kindergarten.