• The Kindergarten screening for the 2021-22 school year is complete. At this point of the year, if you are wanting to enroll your child into gifted services in Kindergarten, you will have to have them evaluated by a licensed psychologist. More information on this can be found here

Gifted Talent Screening for Kindergarten Placement August 2022

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    Kindergarten Talent Screening is meant to find incoming Kindergarten students with gifted potential and place them with gifted trained teachers for the school year. The current district gifted identification assessment (the CogAT), can begin to be administered to Kindergarten students in the spring of their Kindergarten year. Because of this, we developed our screening tool for incoming Kindergarten students. The students who meet the criteria of the Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener will be able to participate in a Deer Valley gifted program for this pivotal school year. Gifted programs offered are Bright Beginnings Kindergarten, Gifted Cluster Kindergarten, and Gifted Talent Pool Clusters.



      • Spring 2022 - The sign-up/Registration link is posted below
        • February 5 - (Sign-up deadline is midnight 2/2)
        • March 26 - (Sign-up deadline is midnight 3/23)
        • April 9 - (Sign-up deadline is midnight 4/6)
      • Summer 2022 - The sign-up/Registration link is posted below
        • May 27 -  (Sign-up deadline is midnight 5/24)
        • May 28 -  (Sign-up deadline is midnight 5/24)
        • June 10 - (Sign-up deadline is midnight 6/7)
        • July 16 - (Sign-up deadline is midnight 7/12)
      • Fall 2022 - TBA


    • Spring Testing will take place at  Barry Goldwater High School and Summer Testing will take place at Las Brisas School (You will be emailed with specific details prior to the screening.)
    • Students will be screened by DVUSD Gifted Specialists and Gifted Kindergarten Teachers
    • The cost is $50 per student
    • The duration of the screening is about 30 minutes
    • You may select your testing time in the registration link
    • Please sign up by the deadline to ensure we have staff available
    • Spring Registration Link




    • The Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener does not guarantee enrollment at a Deer Valley school. Students must still enroll, including open enrollment if necessary, at a Deer Valley School to be considered for placement.
    • Students must be age five by August 31st 2022 to be eligible for enrollment into Kindergarten.
    • Because this is only a screener, students will need to be assessed for formal gifted identification in the spring of their Kindergarten year to move into gifted services in first grade.
    • The Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener is not an academic screener. It assesses a child's reasoning ability, similar to the CogAT gifted identification assessment. After enrolling at a school, students may be required to, and are encouraged to, participate in any school’s academic screening. This will help the classroom teacher better prepare for your child's academic needs.
    • Programs may fill up. If that occurs your child will be placed on a waitlist.
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     To register, please click on the testing dates to the left 


  • Other Testing


    We are offering gifted screening because we do not yet have a group test we can use for children this young. If you would like your child tested for state approved gifted identification prior to their Kindergarten year, and not just screened into our Kindergarten program, you can have them tested by a psychologist. Please follow the link below for more information.


    Private Gifted Testing


    Only students who pass our screening tool or who have scores, from a psychologist at or above the 90th percentile in an approved area will be eligible for gifted services in Kindergarten.