• Scientist of the Week


    This year we are going to have “Scientist of the Week” in lieu of the traditional Student of the Week.  This activity will be a fun and exciting way to have more hands-on Science in our classroom.

    Here is how it works:

    • The student gets to choose the kind of experiment he or she will do.
    • Experiment, demonstration, and explanation should all take about 20 minutes. Please assist in making sure your child chooses an appropriate experiment for a demonstration.
    • Please have your scientist practice the experiment at home so they know what to expect, their reason for the experimental outcome, how to set up, and clean up quickly.
    • Please don’t choose any experiments that involve fire, matches, harmful chemicals, or cooking.
    • Please choose an experiment that is enjoyable and easy for 3rd graders to understand.
    • Parents are welcome to come and watch and/or assist their scientist.
    • Let me know if you have any questions.

    Science areas we teach in third grade:

    Scientific Process, Animal Adaptations, Plants and their Structure, Life Cycles, Types of Rocks & Minerals, Layers of the Earth, Fossils, Light, and Sound.

    (Please note this is just a suggested list and students do NOT have to conduct an experiment within these areas)

     Your child will write the date when they will be Scientist of the Week in their agendas.  We will draw names each week.