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    About this class:

    Art 1 and Art 2 are quarter long classes designed  for all students to develope a deeper understanding and apply the Elements of Art in their own artwork. In addition, students will develop various art skills and tehniques. Throughout the classs sudents will actively engage in varous art activities including: art production, criticism, asthetics, and exploration of art history. Students will be given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of art media and develop techniques in their own work. 


    Grading Policy:

     Rubrics will be provided for students as they complete each project. Students will also be completing a self-reflection at the end of each project. The grading scale will follow the Deer Valley USD grading policy. Rubrics will reflect the following categories so every student has the opportunity for success despite their artistic background: Materials/techniques, Communication/Creative process, Artistic Growth, Directions/ Project Criteria, Self Reflection.

    Suggested supplies:

    Students are asked to have a pencil, eraser, and something to color with (such as markers or colored pencils). Additional supplies is provided and available in the classroom. 



    All students are provided with a syllabus during the first week of art. An image is availalbe below. 



    District Visual Art Benchmarks:

    Click here to view benchmarks