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                                                                               Military Visits

                                                                                                       (2019 - 2020)

     The Military will be present on campus during 4th & 5th  periods (lunch) outside of the cafeteria.





    National Guard

    Air Force


    Aug 21st

    Sep 18th

    Oct 16th

    Nov 20th

    Dec 18th

    Jan 15th

    Feb 19th

    Mar 25th

    May 6th

    Sep 11th

    Oct 9th

    Nov 13th

    Dec 11th

    Jan 22nd

    Feb 12th

    Mar 11th

    May 6th


    Aug 29nd

    Sep 12th

    Oct 10th

    Nov 14th

    Dec 5th

    Jan 16th

    Feb 13th

    Mar 12th

    May 7th

    Oct 22nd

    Nov 13th

    Dec 4th

    Jan 22nd

    Feb 26th

    Mar 24th

    May 5th



    Nov 6th

    Dec 10th

    Jan 8th

    Feb 5th

    Mar 23rd

    May 4th