• No Red Ink is an amazing program used to help reinforce grammar and writing elements. Each class was assigned a code and can practice so that they are ready for their quiz on the material later in the month. Two to three quizzes will be assigned each quarter. Below are the class codes for this school year. 

    No Red Ink allows students an opportunity to practice the material assigned by the teacher. That practice material is turned into an online quiz. Due to the fact that homework is not graded, these quizzes allow me an opportunity to see who is practicing. There are no retakes on No Red Ink quizzes. If a student practices the material, they will perform well. 

    noredink.com don't forget to sign in with your dvusd account my example would be: bjvan456@learner.dvusd.org


    ELA #1 Hour   truthful window 91

    ELA#2  Hour  honest quilt 92

    ELA#4 Hour  hurried chair 25

    ELA#5 Hour  adorable lemon 61

     No Red Ink