Walk Up to Math

  • Welcome to 6th grade math!


    This year we will begin each class with a brief spiral review of 5th grade math standards to make sure that we mantain our fluency in on  greade level work.


    We will be beginning the year in Module 1 of Illustrative Mathematics - Area and Surface Area.  If you wish to explore either student or parent resources for any module in Illustrative Mathematics please click on the link below.

    Illustrative Mathematics

    Each night students will be asked to complete 4-5 practice problems focusing on the strategies and concepts that we focused on in class.

    Each month students will also be expected to complete a Problem of the Month.  These problems will focus more on practicing problem solving skills than the current curriculum in class.  It is important that students practice perservering through challenging problems, finding patterns in the math presented, and explore finding a variety of ways to approach a problem.  If you struggle with the Problem of the Month (POM) ask yourself:

    Does this look like something I have already done?

    What informatiion do I know that would help me solve this problem?

    What mathematical tools do I have that could help me start this problem?


    Remember homework is about practicing math.  If you are unsure of how to solve a problem, go back to the lesson pages for that day.  Look at the practice problems we completed together, read the Lesson Summaries, try something that looks familliar.  Remember, the worst you can be is wrong.  Mistakes are proof that you are trying, and mistakes can always be fixed!