• midterms

  • Midterms



    ALL students in the following courses - Algebra 1, 1H, Algebra 2, 2H, Algebra 3, 3H, Algebra 4, 4H, Algebra Applications 1, Algebra Applications 2, Geometry 1, 1H, Geometry 2, 2H, and English Language Arts 1, 1H, English Language Arts 3, 3H, English Language Arts 5



    Fall 2019 - October 8th or 9th or 10th from 3pm-7pm at BGHS Online Learning Lab

    Spring 2019 - March 3rd or 4th or 5th from 3pm-7pm at BGHS Online Learning Lab


    Algebra 3 Honors and Algebra 4 Honors will be testing during the Finals December 3rd,or 4th or 5th .


    The midterm is worth 10% of the 20% District final exam category.  As per Deer Valley Online Learning Program policy, students must pass their final exam with a 60% or higher in order to pass the class.  This does not apply to the midterm.  A student may score less than a 60% on the midterm and still be able to pass the course.


    Credit Recovery students will take the mid-term and final exam during the finals testing window for their Fast track course.  Click here for more information.