•     Research provides strong evidence that, when used appropriately, homework is essential for increasing and reinforcing student learning and achievement for course standards. Homework may be differentiated to meet the needs of our varied learners. The intent of homework is to practice, extend learning, and provide opportunities for students to develop critical, independent study skills and self-discipline for their life-long educational journeys.
    •     Grades are a reporting tool utilized to reflect what a student knows and is able to do in a content area. We measure achievement, not effort or behavior, in our grading system.
    • The primary purpose of assessment and grading is to provide detailed feedback to inform and support student learning.
    • Learning is a process that takes place over time and at different speeds for different students thus our standards based grading reflects growth towards mastery of standards.
    •     PowerSchool is an essential resource for parents and students. It is not only a tool for communication regarding grades, it is a resource for our students and parents to check progress, missing work, and what is being taught/learned regularly. Please ensure that you and your child have access (separate accounts) and even sign up for the app and push notifications or weekly email updates as an option in PowerSchool.


    In 3rd through 8th grades students may earn the academic recognition of Principal's List or Honor Roll:

     Principal’s List

    All 4’s (including special area and other elective courses)\

    No Incompletes

    No Us or Ns for Citizenship grades

    Honor Roll

    All 3’s and 4’s (including special area and other elective courses)

             No Incompletes

            No Us or Ns for Citizenship grades



    •           Progress reports are less mysterious and have more meaning
    •           Parents are aware of exactly what their child knows, is able to do, and next steps for progress
    •           Parents know in what areas their child needs more support
    •           Parents are empowered to increase their child's confidence and help their student set goals


    •       Learning targets are clearly defined and aligned with state standards.
    •       Students are offered multiple opportunities and ways through which to demonstrate  proficiency
    •       Students monitor their own progress toward the achievement of specified targets
    •       Specific feedback on progress helps build self-esteem, pride, and motivation



    •       Teachers know exactly where students stand in their progress toward learning targets and what support needs to be provided
    •       Teachers of the same courses have aligned expectations and standards
    •       Assessment results help teachers determine when students need extra help and when they need more challenging work



    Learning is a journey that is often not linear. Some students learn content and skills quickly while others may require more time or feedback in order to learn. The primary objective of grades is to report where a student is in the learning process, regardless of how much time or effort the student needs to get there.

    Our 5th grade expectation is that all students will complete all learning requirements by the assigned due date. Students with missing work may proactively contract with the teacher to submit that work before the end of a quarter. Work for a specific quarter must be turned in by the end of that quarter.

    Our 5th grade expectation for a student to be able to retake a test is based on students/parents proactively contracting with the teacher to improve their grade. 



    As students grow and become self-directed in learning about themselves as a learner, they have to analyze their own study habits.  They will need to figure out what actually works for them to  retain the new knowledge they are gaining and use those strategies to support their learning. Citizenship grades on the report cards reflect student effort and behavior and are completely separate from their academic grades.