• Please don't forget that students need to haveall 20 books on their tower by May 18th!!! Send me a picture of the tower they've built.

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Tower of Books Challenge

  • Dear Parents,

      Welcome to the Tower of Books Challenge, an independent reading challenge for your child! Here's how it works:

    Your child's goal is to read all of the books from the categories listed.  He or she will check off one of the boxes each time a book is read.  After checking off a box, it's time for him/her to add to... the Tower of Books!

    1. Put together the "Tower Mat"
      • Try hanging it on the fridge, or rolling it like a scroll.
    2. Cut out a book spine.
    3. Fill in the book information.
    4. Glue or tape it to the "Tower Mat".

    Consider an incentive for every tenth book your child adds to his/her tower.  Here are a few fun ideas:

    • Pick the family dinner.
    • Mini-date with Mom or Dad.
    • Pick a movie for family movie night.
    • Stay up 15 minutes past bedtime.
    • Choose a new book from a bookstore.

    Your child will get to try some different types of books he/she may not have read before, and all the while have fun keeping track of his/her reading! Happy stacking!