• The 2023-24 school is off and running and the campus is looking good!

    PARENTS OF ATHLETES- Please consider having your child undergo an electrocardiogram, or ECG/EKG in order to detect any issues with the electrical impulses in the heart. Media has brought attention to athletes who, while in prime condition and playing sports that they have played for years, have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, collapsed, and  required the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to start their heart. Early identification is key in helping to prevent the possibility that your child could have an issue that is not detected during a regular sports physical. Talk to your doctor about this exam and look for free or discounted screening clinics offered in the valley.  

    Did you know??? Norterra Canyon has 2 AED's on campus- 1 located in the entryway of the media center/gym next to the girl's bathroom and 1 outside the health office door in the administration building. 


    Nurse: Jennifer Van Gysel, RN, BSN 

    Hello Pirate families! I am so happy to be at Norterra Canyon as the school nurse. As part of the crew, it is my goal to help students stay as healthy as possible while they learn and grow as individuals and navigate the world around them. As a mom of 5 buccaneers of my own, 1 still at Boulder Creek High School, I am well aware of the challenges students face today and the team effort it takes to help them be successful. Know that when your student comes to the health office for assistance, I will do my best to treat your child, then encourage them to persevere as students. As parents, you may have questions or concerns regarding your child's health. You are always welcome to call me and I will try to help in any way I can.           

    My Contact Information is:

    Health Center Phone: 623-445-8211

    Voicemail Phone: 623-445-8210

    Health Office Fax: 623-445-8280

    Email: Jennifer.VanGysel@dvusd.org


    ALL students are required to be up-to-date on their vaccines. Students between 11 years of age and before turning 12 are required to get a Tdap booster and Meningococcal vaccine. The Meningococcal vaccine cannot be given until on or after the 11th birthday in order to be compliant. Vaccines save lives and prevent the transmission of certain diseases. Please call or email me if you have questions about the status of your student.


             Trouble With Getting Insurance? Finding Insurance? Affording Insurance?  List of Dental/Medical Service Providers     Help may be a phone call away! If you or someone you know is having financial and/or insurance issues, click on the link to see a list of dental and medical service providers that may be able to help so health and wellness is not neglected.

    Find Help Phoenix: Find Free and almost-free support in Maricopa County:  Housing, utilities, mental health, addictions, food, clothing, health care, dental, parenting, legal, and more.     FINDHELPPHX.ORG              

     Every day we have a choice...a choice to do the best we can that day and a choice to believe that others are doing the best that they can. Let's believe the best in each other, and in turn, bring out the best in each other.     - J. Van Gysel, RN