• Online Attendance

  • Online Student Attendance

    In accordance with ASRS-15-901 and ASRS-15-808, ALL Deer Valley Online students are required to submit weekly attendance time logs for each course.

    • For 14-week courses, a minimum of nine hours required per week per class must be reported.
    • For Blended Fast Track 6-week courses, a minimum of 20 hours peer week per class must be reported.
    • This includes time on the computer, research, reading, writing, and completing assignments.

    If a student goes more than 10 days without completing their MyHours log and/or 10 days without logging into Canvas and participating in coursework, they will be dropped or withdrawn with a W/P or W/F.

    **Weekly attendance time logs are not required during the summer session.**



  • MyHours Attendance Directions

    • Log on to www.myhours.dvusd.org
    • Sign in with your school computer username and password 
    • Select the week that you are reporting (Weeks run Sunday-Sunday) 
    • Record the amount of hours per day you spent on each course
    • Submit attendance form


    See the video below for an example of how to submit your MyHours! 


  • Helpful Tips

    • Report your attendance every Sunday
    • Keep a log of how long you spend on each of your courses. Remember, any time spent studying or reading material related to the course should be accounted for. 
    • If you are having trouble accessing your MyHours, email your course instructor or online@dvusd.org right away!