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  • Virtual Choir Concert

    As you know, due to the pandemic and school closures our "Night on Broadway" concert had to be canceled. BUT I have learned how to layer audio files so that a virtual choir concert is now possible. After all, the show MUST go on! I would like to invite all choir students to participate, including Morning Choir. No, this is not Mandetory, but it will feel so good to be able to say we made music together and still have a "concert", even though it isn't the type of concert any of us expected. Go to this PAGE for instructions and links to submit your recordings.

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  • Personal Item Pick Up and Drop Off

    It’s time to close up the 19-20 school year! In order to keep things safe, we have a schedule for picking up and dropping off end of year items. During your designated time, parents or guardians may pick up the following items: student personal belongings from the classroom, medication, athletic equipment, and pre-paid yearbooks. Parents may also drop off library books and school owned band instruments. Item pick up and drop off will take place in the cafeteria and we will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing.

    Monday May 18
    Grades K-7 Last Name A-L
    9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. OR 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

    Tuesday May 19
    Grades K-7 Last Name M-Z
    9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. OR 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. 

    Wednesday May 20
    8th Grade Only (Promotion Item Pick Up/Item Drop Off)
    4:00-6:00 p.m.
    Please refer to Mrs. Smith’s email and 8th grade website for additional information

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  • Choir Binder Return

    Specific information regarding personal item pick up will be coming next week.  Many choir students have left music binders in my classroom. If you would like the music binder returned please fill out this Google Form no later than 5/11 Monday night:

    I will be going into school on Tuesday to locate the binders and get them labeled by homeroom teacher so they can be put with any of your student’s other belongings. I will not be getting rid of any binders at this time, I am just looking to return binders to those who want them. Again, additional specific information will be provided early next week regarding dates, times, and safety procedures.

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  • End of 4th Quarter - Final Grades

    The grade book closes on May 21st Thursday Morning, so all work will need to be turned in by the end of the school day 3:30 PM Wednesday May 20th in order for credit to be received. Failure to turn in work will NOT have any impact on the student’s final grade. The 4th quarter grade will NOT be lower than the student's ending 3rd quarter grade. 

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  • Missing Grades in Power Schools

    If your student has a "Missing" in Power schools that means one of three things: 1. They did not turn in their work. 2. They turned in something that was not completed or said they did NOT complete the activity of the week. 3. They did NOT complete the Google Form Survey letting me know they completed their weekly music activity. 

    I enter grades Monday morning for the previous week. If your student completes the work after this point and wants me to change the missing to points, then please e-mail me at Include the student's FULL name, Grade, Homeroom Teacher, and which assignment they have completed. Please understand that I have 602 students in 22 different gradebooks and if you do not include all of that information it will be very hard for me to help you. 

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  • Disney Updates

    for the most up-to-date information about Disney and the refund process please visit this PAGE of my website.

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  • Class Meetings on Zoom

    I will be available via Zoom call Monday through Thursday from 2:00 - 2:30 PM for K-6th and 10:30-11 AM for Junior High Choir. This is a time for students to connect with me and ask questions. Just to clarify, becuase of the number of students I teach and the varying grade levels I let one student in to talk to me at a time and I will not be doing any live lessons over Zoom. The code to join and password were e-mailed out to all families, and for 5th-8th grade are posted in thier Google Classroom. If you did not receive this information please e-mail me. I am also available other times by appointment, or you can contact me through e-mail. To schedule an appointment please e-mail me at

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  • Morning Choir Canceled

    Due to the school closure all club activities have been suspended. Morning choir will not be receiving any new music from me. They did a fabulous job learning 3 new songs after the winter concert, and they are welcome to keep practicing that music. The practice tracks can still be accessed HERE 

    If I can figure out fast enough how to collect audio recordings from students individually and combine them into a sort of "recorded choir concert" I may ask morning choir to participate in that. Otherwise, I look forward to having them back in my classroom singing in the fall!

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  • Don't miss information, sign up for Remind

    Please sign up for Remind so you never miss any information! If you signed up last year you will not be getting the information, they are new class codes this year.

    Junior High:
    Text @19sh20 to the number 81010

    Junior High Disney Trip:
    Text @shdisney20 to the number 81010

    5th/6th grade:
    Text @56choirs to the number 81010

    Morning Choir:
    Text @745choir to the number 81010

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