• 3rd Grade Music online with Mrs. Davis.

    I sure do miss making music with you all in person every week! But we aren't going to let any of this stop us from making music. Yes, it is going to be a little different, but we can still make music and have fun! All you have to do is be willing to try something new!

    All assignments and materials are posted through their Music Google Classroom. Class Codes have been e-mailed out. E-mail me at dakota.davis@dvusd.org if you need any help. 

    Missing Assignments in PowerSchools

    If the Google Form attached to student's "Activity of the Week"  is NOT filled out OR if it is marked that the student did NOT complete the activity, then the student will NOT receive credit in the Power Schools gradebook for the music activity, and it will instead show up as Missing. Assignments can be done again, or at at later point and still receive credit. 

    I enter grades Monday morning for the previous week. If your student completes the work after this point and wants me to change the missing to points, then please e-mail me at dakota.davis@dvusd.org Include the student's FULL name, Grade, Homeroom Teacher, and which assignment(s) they have completed. Please understand that I have 602 students in 22 different gradebooks and if you do not include all of that information it will be very hard for me to help you. 


    The grade book closes on May 21st Thursday Morning, so all work will need to be turned in by the end of the school day 3:30 PM Wednesday May 20th in order for credit to be received. Failure to turn in work will NOT have any impact on the student’s final grade. The 4th quarter grade will NOT be lower than the student's ending 3rd quarter grade. 

    Playing the Recorder

    As part of the third grade music curriculum your student(s) have been learning how to play the recorder. If you do not already own a recorder you can purchase a Lyons 3-piece Soprano Recorder at Music and Arts for $5. The nearest store is located at 5350 West Bell Road Unit 132 Glendale, AZ 85308. You do not need to buy a recorder that is Lyons brand, Yamaha is also a good brand; you just need a plastic soprano recorder with Baroque fingering. They are even available on Amazon! Follow this LINK to purchase on Amazon. These recorders come in a variety of colors, and there is no particular color requirement for my class, so feel free to let your child pick out their favorite! I do have a class set of recorders which I am loaning out during the school closure to students who missplaced or left their recorders at school, but those will need to be returned. If you have any questions please e-mail me at dakota.davis@dvusd.org

    Students are using a curriculum called “Recorder Karate” where they earn “belts” for each song they learn and play for me at and "A" level. An "A" level is accieved when a student 1. Is able to play the song at a consisiten tempo (speed) 2. With the correct notes and rhythms 3. Without stopping 4. With their left hand on top 5. Playing with a good tone (sound) which is acheived by using warm slow air and covering the correct holes completely. It IS OKAY for students to play the song at any speed as long as they keep the same speed throughout, quickly fix a mistake, or have a few squeaks (especially for the lower notes: F# E and D that are newer to us).


    Visit this PAGE of my website for links to YouTube videos that students can practice along with.


    Visit this PAGE of my website for information about Recorder Belt Tests.