Q: What's going to be the biggest thing my student may struggle with as far as adjusting to 5th grade ?

    A: In my opinion, it is organization and accountability. For many students, 5th grade becomes the first time that disorganization may cause mayhem to ensue.

         Regarding accountability: at the 5th grade level, teachers now feel comfortable and even obligated to start putting alot of the ownership of the student's success on to the student themselves. If a 5th grader tells me "I don't have a pencil" or "I keep losing my homework", I tell them to 'be a problem-solver, and figure it out'  :)



    Q: What can I do to support my 5th grader ?

    A: There are a lot of ways to support your student with their work. Just showing your student that you're willing to at least look at their homework (you don't have to do it for them !!) can be a huge help. There are also resources on the district website, which are the same links that are in my syllabus. My plan is to also restart something I used a few years ago which is a YouTube channel I started to give parents quick 25-30 second vidoes that help them understand the math tips and tricks we discussed in class.

    I also plan on talking to the kids about sites like Math Antics and Khan Academy, which are amazing and free online resources for kids. And I'm sure that once the other 5th grade teachers and I have gotten to know the kids, we'll develop other new strategies along the way that we can pass on to you. Just let me know if you have any questions on this :)