Regional Winner Medals
  • One of the most amazing aspects of FBLA is that there are so many ways for your to achieve awards and earn recognition - it's not limited to competitive events! Take a look here for some of the award options that are available through FBLA.

  • FBLA Competitive Events

  • Business Achievement Awards (BAA's)

    The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is a leadership development program for high school students. This is a great way for everyone to get involved and learn a few things along the way! We are working toward seeing 100% of our chapter members receiving the Future level of the BAA's this year.

  • Testing Events

    There are numerous different objective tests that students can compete in. These multiple choice tests offer a place to show your knowledge and are a great way for our students who are not as comfortable with presenting yet to be competitive. 

    For a full list of testing events look here:

  • Skill Events

    There are a few skill events that allow students to showcase their skills and knowledge of software applications without having to give a presentation.

    • Computer Applications
    • Database Design & Applications
    • Spreadsheet Applications
    • Word Processing

  • Presentation Events

    There are numerous performance events that give students the chance to practice their presentation skills as they perform either as an individual or as a team in events like Public Speaking, Job Interview, Sports and Entertainment Management, and Website Design.

    For a full list of events look here: