• "Please remember that any percentages in Powerschool are not indicators of current levels of achievement. Please check the 'Snapshot' grade for current levels of achievement prior to the release of quarterly report cards."


    PowerSchool Access & Login Information for Parents

    Parent Access ID & Password.

    Parents will need to stop by the Front office, show your ID and then you will be given your students Access ID and Access Password. This cannot be given out over the phone.

    Creating a new Account

    From PowerSchool parent portal, http://ps.dvusd.org/public/ create your new account by clicking Create Account button. *Access ID and Access Password form for students needs to be printed at the school office and picked up by the parent/guardian.

    Enter the following information:

    • Your first name, last name, Email address
    • Create a user name that will be used to access your account – please do not use special characters, @, . ! or your email address.
    • Password must be at least 6 characters long. The gauge on the right displays the strength of your password choice.
    • Re-enter Password. Password must match what was entered in the password field.


    Multiple children in DVUSD?

    PowerSchool Parent Single Sign-On – with this you can access multiple students with one login. This feature allows each parent or guardian the ability to create their own individual account and retrieve login information.

    To create a Single Sign-on account, you need your existing username and password as well as the Access ID and Password for EACH student you want to associate to your parent/guardian account. *Access ID and Access Password form needs to be printed at the school office and picked up by the parent/guardian.

    Login and enter the following information:

    • Account preferences (bottom left on screen)
    • Find “Students” tab across the top
    • + to add
    • Enter Access ID and Password for each additional student