Use each calendar tab to stay in touch with what is going on in class. This includes, but is not limited to: topics we are studying, test and assessment dates, class assignments, and homework due dates. Your child will have occassional homework that is assigned for each unit as well as any activities he/she does not complete in class. 


    Grading Policies:

    A = 90-100 
    B = 89-80

    C = 79-70  
    D = 69=60
    F = Below 60


    Formal Assessments (tests and quizzes) = 40%

    Informal Assessments (projects, presentations, participation) = 40%

    Coursework Assignments (unit folders/notebooks, handouts) = 20%


    Late Work:
    Late work, including all types of course work and homework, will be considered late upon the final unit test and will not be accepted if not completed when the study of unit has been completed or the quarter ends, whichever comes first.
    Procedures for student absence:


    When a student is absent from class it is their responsibility, upon returning to school, to initiate contact with the teacher to obtain work missed. Students may email the teacher to receive the assignments and assistance in catching up. Students can ask the teacher, prior to the beginning of class or at the end of class before leaving, for additional information. Students will have 5 class days to make arrangements with the teacher to complete and turn in work for full credit. After the fifth day, the late work policy above will then go into effect.

    Re-testing Policies:


    Students will have the opportunity to re-test on formal assessments if they did not meet mastery of 85%.  In order to retest, students must complete a Retake Request Form to indicate how they intend to more adequately prepare to perform to mastery on the material for the test.  Re-tests will cover the same material, but not be identical to the original test.  The maximum retest score a student can earn is 85%. Re-tests should take place within 5 days of the original feedback date with Retake Request Form completed. All students must have documentation to stay before/after school hours.


    Request to Retest Form:

    The Basics.

    Name ____________________________________________________________________________

    Date _____________________________________________________________________________ 

    Class Period ______________________________________________________________________

    Concept to Retest _________________________________________________________________



    Previous Score _______

    Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Three Activities I Did to Improve My Understanding of this Concept

    1. ___________________________________________
    2. ___________________________________________
    3. ___________________________________________


    What day would you like to request to retest this concept after school? __________________________________________________________________________________


    Stuff to Attach/Show Teacher.

    • Previous Tests
    • Proof of your 3 Activities



    I request the opportunity to retest this concept.  I have worked hard to improve my understanding of this concept. 

    Student Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________

    Parent Permission Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________