• Interactive Notebooks (ISN)


    This year you will keep a notebook called the Interactive Student Notebook (ISN). Your ISN will serve as a working portfolio of your progress in Social Studies. You will use the Interactive Student Notebook to record your assignments, notes, homework, warm-ups, and vocabulary.

    The purpose of the Interactive Student Notebook is to:

    • Organize notes, class work, and homework into a working portfolio.
    • Involve students in “making sense” of their notes visually.
    • Develop student reading and note-taking skills.
    • Teach students “approaches to learning” that will prepare them for success in school!

    What goes in my notebook?

    • Activities
    • Warm ups
    • Class notes (ex. Cornell notes, graphic organizers, foldable, worksheets)
    • Homework

    What materials will I need to create an Interactive Student Notebook?

    • A five subject notebook
    • Markers, colored pencils, scissors, Glue sticks, scotch tape (These are provided for you in class)

    General Guidelines

    • Do not put work for other classes in your Social Studies Interactive Student Notebook.
    • An important part of your notebook is its visual appearance. You notebook should be NEAT! Each entry should be titled and dated. Your artistic and organizational skills should be visible throughout the notebook.

    Organizing Your Notebook

    • We will set aside one day in class to organize your notebook. Students will be responsible for maintaining an organized notebook.
    • All handouts will be glued into the notebook.

    “Tips for Success”

    • Bring your notebook to class every day!
    • Label and date everything in your notebook
    • Use color- the notebook is a visual student tool! Color should be meaningful, helping to organize and illustrate your notes.
    • Use glue sparingly- it becomes difficult to write on the backside when you use too much glue! A dot is a lot; a glob is a slob!
    • If you run out of room on a page, use the back of the sheet.

    How will I be graded on my Interactive Student Notebook?
    Notebooks will be peer graded once each unit. Notebooks will be graded on thoroughness, quality, organization, and visual appeal. In addition to grades for individual assignments, each notebook grade will be worth a Coursework Grade of 20%.

    What happens if I am absent?
    All class notes and notebook assignments should be included, even for days when you are absent. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from a homework partner or responsible classmate. Remember it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notebook assignments if you are absent.

    What happens if I lose my notebook?
    Your notebook should be your pride and joy. Professionals cannot do their job without the proper instruments, and you cannot be successful in this class without your Interactive Notebook. It’s your responsibility to make sure your notebook is with you every day and will work towards your success in this course.


    We acknowledge that we have read and discussed the requirements for the Interactive Student Notebook. (Please Sign)


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