• Art History- 7th & 8th Grade

    This quarter in Art History, we will cover many signficant movements throughout history; specifically from cave art to digital art.

    A huge component of your child's grade are the art projects that are done in class. Each project is given ample class time to plan and complete. Additionally, a second component is their indivudal sketchbook. Each week, students will choose a topic and medium that they would like to focus on. For example, if a student likes dragons, they would choose this as a topic. They can begin drawing dragons and choose to use watercolor as their medium of choice. It's really a 'what' will they create and 'how' will they create it. Sketchbooks are collected at the end of the quarter for a grade. They must be included in their portfolio, in their slip covers.  Also, students are required to have a portfolio (3-ring binder) with several slip covers. This will house all of their sketchbook projects and movement projects for the quarter. Lastly, students are encourage to find art in the world. They are to create a one-page write-up on a museum or gallery visit. They have questions they are to answer regarding a piece of art, that they choose, located in their syllabus.

    You child's portfolio should include (*updated week of 9/9):

    Sketchbook Project #1

    Cave Art

    Sketchbook Project #2

    Greek Fish (photo, if too big)

    Greek Tie-Dye (photo)

    Sketchbook Project #3

    Japanese Art

    Sketchbook Project #4

    Sistine Chapel Inspired Piece

    Sketchbook Project #5


    Still-Life Remix