• Activity: Straw Rocket Lab 

    We do rocket science!

    August 7th - September 5th

    Students will create a straw rocket and choose a category for their launches (Distance, speed, or direction)

    Perform 3 base trial launches and collect Data.

    Create a hypothesis by using an independent & dependent variable in an  "If...then" format.]

    Physically change the rocket using their chosen independent variable.

    Perform 3 final trials and collect data

    Analyze and interpret the data collected to use in composing a lab conclusion report.


    Parents look for a completed graded Lab Folder that will be coming home on September 11th 0- 13th.

    Rocket front Rocket Back



    6th Grade Module Unit One

    How does a small change affect energy & matter?

    September 6th - October 11th


    September 6th  Anchor Phenomenon: Railroad Tank Car Vacuum Implosion

    The students will watch the video (linked below) and discuss.

    Group discussions for anchor phenomenon, we are looking at a railroad car that implodes due to changes at the particle level inside the tank. Questions to consider:

    1) Why is this happening?

    2) What is happening at the atomic/molecular level?

    Students will respond in their science notebooks.


    Lesson 1:

    What makes up matter? (atoms, simple molecules, complex molecules, matter)

    Lesson 2:

    What makes a substance a solid, liquid, or a gas?

    Lesson 3:

    How does pressure/temperature affect the states of matter?