Nichole Basl, M. ED.

  • Nichole Basl

    Nichole Basl, M. ED. – New Principal Returns to Legend Springs Elementary

     Mrs. Nichole Basl is back at DVUSD! She began her career student teaching in a 4th/5th split classroom in Washington state before moving to Arizona, where she taught kindergarten, fourth grade and K-3 after school intervention for the Glendale Elementary School District.

    Principal Basl is highly qualified in English Language Arts and Math, and transitioned to the role of Instructional Coach and TAP Master Teacher for three years. She then had the opportunity to move into the role of assistant principal in the Deer Valley Unified School District, where she served for four years. During this time, she also taught a quarter of seventh grade mathematics as a long-term substitute. Needless to say, her experience is vast in both age range, content and demographic needs, something she values as part of her journey to leadership.

    Two years ago Mrs. Basl became the Legend Springs Elementary principal. She served the campus for one year, earning the school another A rating, before she transitioned out of the district and into a position working with high-performing schools across Arizona.  

    In her new role as principal at Legend Springs Elementary, Mrs. Basl is eager to celebrate the successes of the students and staff and continue to set new goals for achievement and increased growth. Staff, students, and the community will work together to continue to exceed expectations and provide extraordinary learning opportunities for all.




    Q&A with Legend Springs Elementary Principal Mrs. Nichole Basl


    What is the most important lesson being in education has taught you?

    The most important lesson learned while being in education is that everyone has potential. As a mom of two young children, I appreciate the teamwork of those around me to help encourage and shape the lives of my children. When we work collectively as a staff and parent community, we can identify the strengths of each student and help them thrive in both social and emotional areas and academics, too. This is my greatest passion.


    What advice would you give a parent to help his/her child be successful in school?

    Remember that we are a team. When parents work together with the school to support their child(ren) and emphasize the value of learning, students show greater success and commitment to their own learning and the school community. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and we truly appreciate and value the team approach.


    As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?

    My kindergarten teacher inspired me to pursue education. I still remember the fun and engaging ways my teachers hooked me into learning. From alphabet dances and counting songs, to the middle school teachers who pushed me to go above and beyond instead of accepting mediocrity, I have very fond memories of my teachers and coaches. I also loved the idea of teaching so much, I spent several rainy Washington summer days inside playing “school” with my sisters and friends. My sister was thrilled when I began taking Future Teacher classes so I would spend more time practicing teaching in real classrooms, rather than “bossing” (sister’s words!) her and her friends to play along. My love for learning and teaching has continued to thrive with the amazing training and leadership experience I have had in Deer Valley.