• David Vines

    David Vines, M. ED. – New Principal of Mountain Ridge High School


    Mr. David Vines has a 15-year career in education. After getting his start teaching secondary social studies in Florida, Mr. Vines moved to Arizona where he first became an English-Language Arts teacher for the Deer Valley Unified School District and then as an administrator in the Scottsdale Unified School District. We welcome him back to the district as the new principal of Mountain Ridge High School.

    Mr. Vines enjoys interacting with students, and loves to watch as they find future success in their learning at a high school level and in their careers beyond high school. He believes student success is rooted in creating life-long learners who develop the ability to self-reflect on their own progress, allowing them to adapt and communicate with teachers, staff members and parents to make gains in their learning. In the same manner, he believes that teachers will continue to self-reflect, communicate and collaborate with students, parents, and other teachers to help students achieve their highest level of success.




    Q&A with Mountain Ridge High School Principal Mr. David Vines


    What is the most important lesson being in education has taught you?

    The most important lesson learned while being in education is that learning does not stop when you graduate from school. It is key in every career to continue to learn and grow, and a school requires all members to be life-long learners. Students, teachers, parents, staff and administrators must grow together toward a unified vision to make the educational experience successful.


    What advice would you give a parent to help his/her child be successful in school?

    Always strive to be self-reflective. Whether it is in the classroom or as a participant in an extracurricular activity, self-reflection will allow you to assess your progress and identify your needs. This will enable you to communicate with teachers, coaches, staff members and other students in a manner that will allow you and those around you to grow. Self-reflection is an important trait for future success.


    Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in education?

    The teachers that I had during my educational journey inspired me to pursue a career in education.  My elementary teachers built relationships with students that showed they cared about my learning and about me. My secondary teachers showed me that there is a broader world with limitless possibilities. They also taught me that learning must be authentic in a manner that goes beyond rote classroom activities or a letter in the gradebook. My teachers inspired me to devote my life to education because they made the choice to devote their lives to my future success.