• DreamBox

    To log into DreamBox go to http://portal.dvusd.org   
    Your username and password is your normal computer log in and also on the Dreambox login card we gave you:
             username: first initial, middle initial, first three letters of last name, last three numbers in Student ID
             password: 6 digit student id (lunch number)
    Look on the left side, "my stuff" once logged into the portal. You're looking for "DreamBox". If you don't see it, click the button at the bottom that says "MORE".  Then Click the DreamBox square. (log in again if prompted).
    Things to know about DreamBox:
    • Have the volume turned on (or headphones plugged in) the entire time
    • All the tools you need for the each lesson will be provided for you on the screen by DreamBox.  Please do not use scratch paper or calculators
    • Students should work on DreamBox independently! Parents, please do not help the students with the math--the program will then assume they have mastered this skill and take them on a lesson pathway that they are not ready for.
    • If you need HELP while on DreamBox, click the question mark icon OR the light bulb icon--these are your help and hint tools
    • Try every problem--it's okay to make mistakes and get questions wrong if you don't know it, it will help you learn!
    • Complete each lesson you open before choosing a different lesson


    **To use DreamBox on an ipad or tablet, you must first download the DreamBox app.  Then following the directions above to log in through the DVUSD portal using the ipad or tablet's web browser.**