• Mrs. Pallas and I are working to get approval from Disneyland and our District to do a trip from May 3rd-5th (tentatively) to Disneyland in California. This trip will give students the amazing opportunity of going back stage at Disney into a recording studio where they will learn about the recording process, sight read, and then get to hear themselves overlaid clips from Disney movies. The cost will be around $475, which will include travel, Disneyland park hopper passes, the experience in the studio, hotel, and food. Tax credit money can be used and we will also do fundraising leading up to the trip. We would like to do most of our fundraising with tax credit donations, if each student finds 3 adults in Arizona to sponser his/her trip, then the trip can be paid for in full through tax credit!

    I will be giving 8th graders first priority for the trip, and then depending on space I will audition 7th graders on their sight reading skills to fill what spots we have left. The reason they will be judged on sight reading is because they will need to be able to sight read in the recording session. If we have no overflow then I will not be holding auditions.

    Right now, in order to figure out numbers I need to see who wants to go on the trip. Please e-mail at dakota.knutson@dvusd.org me or text me through remind by October 9th with your student's first/last name and grade so that Mrs. Pallas and I can figure out numbers. Even if you student is NOT going to participate, please email me that they will not be attending this year so that I will stop sending you emails about it.

    Due to lack of interest we Mrs. Pallas and I have decided that we will only be doing this trip every other year, so the next tentative opportunity will be in the spring of 2022.

    If Mrs. Pallas and I can not get close to filling the seats on our tour busses then we will cancle the trip. 

    If you did not sign up for choir remind, please do, so that you do not miss any important information. Sign up now by texting: @19sh20 to the number 81010

    As always, please e-mail me at dakota.knutson@dvusd.org with any questions or concerns.