Binder & Assignment Organization

  • Below is the list of notes, assignments, and handouts that students have been instructed to keep in this specific section of their binder. The list is numbered in the order that the papers should be organized in. Students have been instructed to file BEHIND each divider tab. 


    1. Answer, Cite, Explain: definitions & examples
    2. Story Vocabulary: Plot, Setting, Complications, Protagonist, Antagonist--- Back: Character Traits List
    3. Plot Pyramid: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution--- Back: Plot Pyramid with "The Ravine" (story from textbook)
    4. Point of View: First Person, Third Person Limited, Third Person Omniscient, Third Person Objective--- Back: Characters notepage & 4 Types of Characterization
    5. Point of View Classwork Practice Worksheet
    6. Types of Characters: Protagonist, Antagonist, Flat, Round, Dynamic, Static, Minor, Sympathetic. 
    7. Characterization: Vinny & Starlene (from "The Ravine")
    8. Characterization Classwork Practice Worksheet
    9. Theme (tree) notes
    10. Theme Classwork Practice Worksheet
    11. Conflict: Internal/External--- Back: Four Types of Conflict
    12. Conflict Classwork Practice Worksheet
    13. Colors/Symbolic Meanings & Symbolism Notes
    14. Types of Poetry--- Back: Poetic Sound Devices Notes, Poetic Structure
    15. Rhyme/Rhythm Notes--- Back: Rhyme Scheme
    16. Figurative Language Study Guide: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Personification, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Idiom, Allusion. 
    17. Simile/Metaphor Notes--- Back: Personification/Hyperbole Notes
    18. Simile/Metaphor Classwork Practice Worksheet--- Back: Personification/Hyperbole Classwork Practice Worksheet
    19. Onomatopoeia/Alliteration Notes--- Back: Idiom/Allusion Notes
    20. Onomatopoeia/Alliteration Classwork Practice Worksheet--- Back: Idiom/Allusion Classwork Practice Worksheet
    21. Myth Notes