Binder & Assignment Organization


    Below is the list of notes, assignments, and handouts that students have been instructed to keep in this specific section of their binder. The list is numbered in the order that the papers should be organized in. Students have been instructed to file BEHIND each divider tab. 



    1. Narrative Writing Rubric
    2. Three Types of Narrative--- Back: Parts of a Narrative
    3. Fictional Narrative Mentor Text: Death Comes to Baghdad--- Back: Generating Ideas Example
    4. Writing Dialogue
    5. Magnetic Ways to Start a Story--- Back: Dynamic Ways to Conclude a Story
    6. Helpful Hints for Writing Success--- Back: Narrative Writing Reference Sheet
    7. Using Transitions--- Back: Writing with Sensory Details
    8. Writing a Tantalizing Title--- Back: Writing with Concrete Nouns & Vivid Verbs
    9. Narrative Flowchart--- Back: What If (Generating Ideas)
    10. Narrative Writing Story Map--- Back: Narrative Plot Chart
    11. Letter to Miss Whittingham Directions 
    12. Letter to Miss Whittingham Four Square Organizer