• Welcome to the CERAMICS STUDIO!



    Prepared for class?

    Everyday when you enter the studio or Zoom you must have your binder, a pencil & charged Ipad. If you are unable to gather the supplies listed above, please let me know and they will be provided for you. Bring a positive attitude and be willing to work as a team!


    Course Description

    This class will allow you to develop an understanding of the aspects involved with the introductory clay processes including: care and preparation, development of ideas, and skills related to working with clay on and/or off the potter’s wheel. We will also be covering glaze characteristics and application along with the elements & principles of design. 

    Listed below are just a few of the course objectives. Upon completion of this course, the student will: 

    ► Create artwork that communicates ideas, meanings, and/or purposes.

    ► Create successful works of art utilizing the elements & principles of design. 

    ►Analyze and interpret works of art from different cultures and periods in art history.

    ► Identify and perform hand building techniques.

    ► Identify and define color theory terms.

    ► Develop and revise plans (sketches, models, notes) for his or her own art.

    Who is responsible for cleaning the studio?

    This classroom is your work area and you are using the supplies, so you will be cleaning the studio! You are responsible for more than just “your area”. In the studio you are part of a team and you must be willing to participate in cleaning ALL AREAS as a team member. The areas that will need to be wiped down everyday before dismissal include but are not limited to, the slab roller, pug mill, sinks, countertops, storage shelves, floors, tools, and your personal work space. 

    How will I be graded?

    Your ceramics grade will consist of…  Planning & Research, Creation and Reflection. These three category grades will make up 80% of your overall grade. The other 20% will be from your final exam. The grading scale is as follows:

    A = 90-100%       B = 80-89%       C = 70-79%       D = 60-69%       F = 0-59%

    Late work?

    Late work is accepted (quarterly) but you need to be engaged in order to excel. It is very easy to fall behind because this is a studio hands-on class. Many of our activities are split into a series of steps, therefore step one needs to be completed before moving on to step five. When an assignment is not turned in, a zero will be entered in the gradebook. This can be changed up until the end of each quarter. Everyone has until the last day of the quarter to show that growth has been achieved and approach me to ensure the gradebook is reflective of the learning that has occurred. If you are absent, you will have the same number of days as you were absent to turn in the missing assignment. Any assignments not made up in time will result in zero credit. 

    Long Term Project Policy

    Long term projects are due on the date assigned.  If the student or teacher is absent, the project is still due on the day assigned.  The project can be turned into the front office or arrangements can be made for a classmate to turn in the assignment. If extra time is needed to complete a project, you may schedule open studio time with me before or after school prior to the due date. All projects over two weeks are considered to be long term.


    Upon reaching any combination of 12 excused or unexcused absences, a student may lose credit for this class regardless of their current grade. Please remember all long term assignments are due on the due date, even if you are absent.

    Behavior Expectations & Consequences 

    There are several areas that are off limits, unless they have specifically been assigned to you. These areas include the potter’s wheels, the supply cabinet & my desk area, other student work, and my office. The kilns can be very dangerous and they will also be off limits until you have been trained in kiln safety. It is extremely important for your safety and the safety of others you understand this concept along with the others listed below.

    ► Throwing clay or anything in the studio will result in an automatic referral; this is your only warning.

    ► Any deliberate breakage of another peer’s work will result in an automatic referral.

    ► Any deliberate breakage your own work will result in a referral and “0”credit.

    ► Ipads should be out for only instructional purpose.

    ► Cell phones remain checked into your assigned pocket until both your work area is clean and there are less than 3 minutes until the release bell rings. 

    Adherence to the Boulder Creek Academic Integrity Code 

    All students enrolled in Ceramics 1-2 will adhere to the framework and guidelines set forth in the Boulder Creek High School Academic Integrity Code. Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The purpose of this code is to promote a positive learning environment for all involved. As humans, we will make mistakes as we grow. It is understood that we can learn from those mistakes and become better individuals in the future. Any student who violates this code will be referred to the Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook and assignment of appropriate consequences. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Code in your student handbook for more details.