• NEHS Service Hours 2023-2024

    Each quarter you should complete 2 volunteer hours. You can do this in segments of time such as 30 mins, 15 mins, etc. However, each quarter you should have at minimum 2 hours per NEHS national bi-laws/rules.

    Quarter 1 volunteer hours are due: October 5th, 4pm (Hours completed by September 30th)
    Quarter 2 volunteer hours are due: January 5th, 4pm (Hours completed by December 16th)
    Quarter 3 volunteer hours are due: March 22nd, 4pm (Hours completed by March 10th)
    Quarter 4 volunteer hours are due: May 15th, 4pm (Hours completed and turned in by May 15th)

    Submitting in a timely manner helps you remember the date and details. Therefore, submit hours at any time. 

    Submit your volunteer hours here: https://forms.gle/HBpEWVT4eYVeWk9DA