• Trying        Grading Practices

    District Writing Assignments are not editable(or able to be retaken), are completed in one day, and are graded based upon a score of 100%. We practice often and our writing assignments are graded to prepare students for the district assignment which becomes the final practice piece. The same practice rubrics are used for each district writing project as not to create a surprise for all students. 

    *District Reading Test are usually recorded just for data.

    Reading tests are scored at 100 points and may be offered as a retake if students meet certain criteria and expectations, please be aware, retakes will be a new test and are often harder the second time around. 

    Book Reports are typically 100 points and are not editable because a rubric and expectations have been established prior to the assignment, and these are finished at home.

    Quizzes are graded less than 25 points and are not available for retakes, as students can use their ISN's. 

    ISN checks are usually less than 20 points and are not able for a retake/do-over as students will always be notified when checks are coming.

    Homework is never graded and there is not a participation grade or extra credit. 

    Citizenship grades are given as overall participation and preparation and for example,

    “O” = Outstanding An outstanding citizen follows all school and class rules. He or she is respectful at all times and is an active participant in the class. In addition, students who receive an "O" in citizenship demonstrate kindness and respect for fellow classmates, not just adults on campus, on a daily basis.

    “S” = Satisfactory A citizen who is satisfactory is either active in class, but may have minor issues with classroom behavior OR is well-behaved but does not participate in class. Students who receive an "S" in citizenship may need to have their behavior redirected from time to time.

    “N” = Needs Improvement A student who needs improvement is one who has been disruptive or disrespectful on more than one occasion. Academic dishonesty (copying another student’s work, allowing another student to copy his or her work, and plagiarism) will also earn a student an “N”.

    “U” = Unsatisfactory A student will earn a “U” if he or she is continually disruptive, disrespectful, or dishonest despite having served consequences for misbehavior.

    District Curriculum -Collections; Our Reading Program

      Collections Image

    Student access Click here

    Student login is your DV user log-in Dv.bjvan456

    My example: Dv.bjvan456 (last three numbers of your log-in) 

    Student password: is your lunch number, my example: 23456


    CurriculumOur curriculum is based on the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards as well as the Arizona State Social Studies and Science Standards.

    Units of Study

    Collection 1: Facing Fear-inference, compare and contrast, cite evidence, analyze point of view, and summarize the plot and main idea. 
    Collection 2: Animal Intelligence-Character motivation, character analysis, public speaking, analyze the author’s purpose. 
    Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster- poetry, figurative language, analyze cause and effect, and analyze elements of tone.
    Collection 4: Making Your Voice Heard- interpret the theme, identify internal and external conflict, trace and evaluate an argument, analyze the author’s style and tone, analyze persuasive techniques    

    We may not cover all the stories in the last two units but those standards will be covered.                                                                                     

    Collection 5: Decisions that Matter – Identify memoirs and biography, analyze primary and secondary sources, compare and contrast two genres, analyze the structure of a poem, describe how poets use symbols and structure to convey a theme                                                

    Collection 6: What Tales Tell – Identify and understand the elements of parody and folk tales, theme, analyze and cite textual evidence

    District Novels for 6th gradeBud, Not Buddy, The Giver, The Lightning Thief. 

    Our novel(s):  Bud, Not Buddy for the 1st Quarter


    Short Cut to Stories for Unit 3 PDF Form     Unit 4 PDF Form    


    Writing Rubric

    Narrative Writing DVUSD Narrative Rubric    1st Quarter

    Informative Writing DVUSD Inform Rubric     2nd Quarter 

    Argumentative RubricDVUSD Argumentative Rubric