• Quarter 1

    K- Beat, Steady Beat, Quiet and Loud, Whisper/Talk/Shout/Sing, Rhythm, Beat vs. Rhythm, 

    1st- Steady Beat, Strong and Weak Beats, Beat vs. Rhythm, Reading Rhythms, Meters of 2 and 4, Meters of 3, Changing Meters, Ostinatos

    2nd- Steady Beat, Strong and Weak Beats, Mi Sol La, Rhythm and Smybol Review, Meter Review 2/4 and 4/4, Meter in 3/4, Identifying Meters, Beat vs. Rhythm, Ostinatos

    3rd- Meter Sign, Ostinatos, Identifying Different Voices, Musical Alphabet, Rounds and Canons, Lines and Spaces, Notes on the Treble Staff, Recorder, Melodic Movement, Extended Pentatonic Scale

    4th- Triplets, Sixteenth Notes, Octaves, Descants, Patriotic Music, Singing Triads, Part Singing, Ascending and Descending Scales, Major and Minor Melodies, Melodic Ostinatos

    5th- Meter Review, Meter of 6/8, Rhythm Review, Syncopated Rhythm, Dotted Note Rhythms, SATB Music and Bass Clef, Descants, Music From Other Lands

    6th- Genres, Rhythm Review, Pitch Review, Contrasting Time Signatures, Chords and Form Review, Melody Review