• Mr. Meza,

    A hearty National Education Support Professional Day to you and your entire management-supervisory team! Though seldom said, we appreciate all of the support you provide bus drivers to supply all we need to fulfill our mission and efficiently transporting our DVUSD #97 kids! Keep up your strong work and know it is appreciated in the North Yard Sir!

    DVUSD Bus Driver



    Mr. Meza,

    I wanted to send one of your bus drivers a DV-Star and I don't know her name. She drives bus #222. Would you be so kind, and forward her first and last name to me? You have ONE AMAZING lady on your driving team!

    3rd Grade Teacher

    Terramar Academy of the Arts



    Dear Superintendent Finch, Mr. Meza and Ms. Hunt,

    We are writing this email to tell you about the exceptional staff members in transporatation. Our daughter rides the bus to and from preschool at Arrowhead Elementary. Our daughters bus driver is patient, smiling and very cordial to her and to us every single day.

    Even when I was late meeting the bus one day and apologized to them, the driver's response was, "That's okay. WE keep YOU waiting sometimes." The bus assistants are kind, gentle, and always cheerful to our daughter. They handle our precious cargo with the greatest care. The transportation dispatch has been kind and extremely polite when they have called us. The most remarkable was the day that we got a call from transportation telling us that "Our daughter has to go to the bathroom real badly and be ready when the bus gets to the house." The bus driver took the time to care about our daughter being a preschooler and concerned about the potty. Transportation dispatch took the time to call us so that we could get her right inside the house. We couldn't believe it.

    Thank you to the bus drivers and the bus assistants who are so very good to our daughter. These people are oustanding indiviudals and they are appreciated by our family every single day.