Testing Services

  • Definitions

    Testing Definitions - 

    Gifted Identification Testing - Official assessment for gifted abilities by an Arizona-approved identification test. Deer Valley uses the CogAT.

    Gifted Screening - An assessment developed by our department to assess gifted potential in a student. 

    Private Gifted Testing - Having your child tested privately by a licensed psychologist using a test approved by the state of Arizona. Parents are responsible for all costs associated with private testing.

    Early Entry Testing - A mostly academic assessment to test if a child can be placed into a grade level early. This is not a gifted evaluation tool.

    Academic Testing - Assess a student's academic knowledge. These are not used for gifted identification. 

  • More Info 

    Below are summaries of our services and the titles link to the individual testing page with further information.  


    Children must be at least 5 years old, and currently, be in or have completed Kindergarten, in order to participate in our school and district identification testing. We use the CogAT and test in small groups. We test at our schools for currently enrolled students and on weekends for anyone. Official gifted identification testing, outside of an assessment from a licensed psychologist, is not available for children for preschool, prekindergarten, or entry into Kindergarten. If you would like your child tested before the spring of their kindergarten year, please see Private Gifted Testing below. 
    Screeners are used when an official assessment is not available at a particular age level or an official assessment may not be cost-effective for the parent. DVUSD Gifted Services offers a gifted screening for temporary placement into Gifted Services in our Gifted Preschool, Kindergarten Cluster, and Bright Beginnings Kindergarten programs. This is to identify students with gifted potential and place them provisionally in Preschool/Kindergarten with a gifted trained teacher. Students will have to be tested, by an official assessment, later to continue in gifted programming. All students placed with a screener will have to test with a gifted identification test at the end of Kindergarten to continue in gifted services. Gifted screening is separate from any school-based screening. School-based screenings are academic and are for placing all students at a grade level. They are not part of gifted services placements.                               
    Parents may look into having their child tested privately by a licensed psychologist using a test approved by the state of Arizona. Parents are responsible for all costs associated with private testing. More on our website: Private Identification Testing.
    Deer Valley does offer Early Entrance testing for parents who would like their child to enter Kindergarten or First Grade ahead of their age-level peers. This is not gifted identification testing, but testing that can allow a child to move into a higher grade level. More information on this can be found on the link below.
    Gifted Services provides academic testing for students applying for the Renaissance program who do not have the academic data required for the application.