Gifted Identification Testing

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    School-Based Testing

    Testing is available three times throughout the school year, for all existing kindergarten through 8th grade students who attend a DVUSD school. If your child is currently enrolled in (and attending) a DVUSD school, your child’s school can inform you of the exact testing date(s). Testing will take place during the school day. Each school will determine the specific testing schedule they will use within the above-mentioned guidelines.There is no fee for school based testing on in-district students. If you would like your child tested, you need to notify the school's Gifted Specialist and your child's teacher. Please do not assume they will be automatically tested.

    This testing takes place in three windows/sessions each school year. Each school decides its testing days within each window, and testing takes place at the school. If you are interested in having your child participate, you should notify your child's teacher and the school Gifted Specialist, as soon as you can to ensure they are on the list to be tested when the testing matetials are ordered. Only currently enrolled students my participate, and there is no fee.

    Fall Testing Window - End of August/beginning of September

    Winter Testing Window - January & first week of February

    Spring Testing Window - End of April/beginning of May



    District Level Testing - Spring & Summer 2020

    In addition to the school-based testing, testing is available at Barry Goldwater High School in the spring and summer. Testing at the district level is primarily meant for students not currently enrolled in one of our district schools and will require a testing fee. Students who are currently enrolled in a DVUSD school who do not test at their school, during the school year, can test at the district office for a fee as well.
    This testing is for students who are already in spring of their Kindergarten year or above. Students going into Kindergarten are too young for the assessment, but they can take part in our Kindergarten Screener
    Please fill this out and bring in for the district office testing. This will save you time at the check in.  Permission to Test Form

    This testing is for:

    • Students not enrolled in a Deer Valley School
    • Students who are Deer Valley students but at the high school level
    • Students who missed their school's testing session
    • Students who need academic testing for the Renaissance program




    Fees & Sign Ups


    We are unable to provide assessments while schools are closed, but have added some summer dates. We hope to be able to provide the testing on the dates below. If we have to cancel, full refunds will be provided. 


    Students Not Enrolled in a DVUSD School


    K-12 Students Not Enrolled in a Deer Valley USD School

    • Dates -  January 11th, March 7th, March 28th, April 25th, June 13th, & July 11th
    • Fee -  $155
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    Students Currently Enrolled in a DVUSD School


    K-6 Students Currently Enrolled in a Deer Valley USD School

    • Dates - January 11th, March 7th, March 28th, April 25th, June 13th, & July 11th
    • Fee - $100
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    Middle & High School Students (Grades 7-12) Currently Enrolled in a Deer Valley USD School  

    • Dates - January 11th, March 7th, March 28th, April 25th, June 13th, & July 11th
    • Fee - $50
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  • If your child is currently attending one of our schools, and also qualifies for free and reduced lunch, you may be able to receive a discounted testing fee. Please email your child’s name and school I.D. number to to inquire. Please call 623.445.3291 if you have any questions.