All Arrowhead students and teachers are


    invited to participate in


    The Kindness Challenge!

    Be Kind!  


    November 6th, 2019- December 9th, 2019


    Kindness Kick Off Video


    Perform 20 Random Acts of Kindness—SHOW YOUR PRIDE by tracking your progress.


    All Kind acts should be signed by an adult. We encourage students to share their stories with teachers, parents, and the Arrowhead Community.


    Kind acts are due on December 9th, to the student's classroom teacher.  Mrs. Tucker will collect the completed logs from the student's teacher. 


    The Kindess Challenge is 4 weeks to encourage CONSISTENT practice. The Kindness Challenge is not something that should be completed in one week (for example).  Set a goal to complete one act a day, rooted in kindness.


    Please do not hand in your log before the December 9th date.


    Kind act ideas were provided to help, but feel free to be creative. 


    Attention 4th grade-6th grade: The KINDNESS calendars provided to you (November and December) give one idea per day. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE CALENDAR. Instead, use it as a tool to help brainstorm what feels right for you! 


    When you turn in a fully COMPLETED Kindness Challenge log on December 9th, you will become a member of the Kindness Club. 

    Kindness Club T Shirts will be given to those who complete the challenge!  Wear your shirt on campus to show off your PRIDE IN BEING KIND!