• Drone Presentation

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    You and your partner are going to create a Google Presentation on Drones.  The information below details what type of information should be placed on each slide.  Please use the same Headings that I have placed below for your slides.  Please include some pictures, change background colors, and fonts (In other words, make your presentation appeal to you audience). 

    The information can be found on your teacher’s website under the category “Drones” on the left navigation bar.


    Slide 1-Title Page

    Slide 2- How are drones being used?

    Slide 3- How are drones being used?

    Slide 4- Drones…A brief history

    Slide 5- The pros of using drones

    Slide 6- The cons of using drones

    Slide 7-Best uses for drones (This is your opinions)