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    "Hello, my name is Taaha Sayyed and this is my 8th year learning Mandarin Chinese. I have learned so much about the Chinese language and culture. It was a great choice and I have no regrets. I plan on continuing to improve my Mandarin and learn more about China. It is a difficult language, but with time, it will feel like second nature. I love everything about China and hope to visit it one day. Our class is very interesting and we have a variety of activities to improve our reading, writing, speaking, and understanding Chinese. It is a fun and engaging learning environment. Ms. Liu really helps us when we're struggling and her very personality makes this class engaging. I will definitely miss her. Mandarin is one of the world's most spoken languages and it is worth it to learn it regardless of what job you will have."-From Taaha Sayyed


    “Hi! I’ve been learning Mandarin/Chinese since second grade, and I don’t regret it! First off, the teachers are always so polite and kind, and honestly I’m so happy that I’ve had the ones that I did. I feel like I can say for everyone that the teachers all make us feel welcome. With their help, any one of the students can be successful. Ms. Liu’s Mandarin class has been one of my favorite classes throughout my years at Gavilan Peak. I always have the best time in her class, no one can compete with her. We watch videos and play cultural games. We also read stories. She has prepared me for high school in a way that no other teacher could. She makes learning a fun experience, and deep down I know I always look forward to her class. The feeling of knowing that a teacher can not only just teach you, but the fact that they can inspire you to give your best, and be your best self is wonderful. 《Speak A New Language So That The World Will Be A New World》” -From Hailey Pickner 彭慧莉


    "Hello! I’ve been in the mandarin immersion program since kindergarten. It has been an amazing experience. I have learned many things that could lead to amazing opportunity’s for my future. The mandarin teachers at Gavilan peak are wonderful. Every time I struggled with learning a new phrase or character they took time to help every individual student. In the past years I’ve learned so much about the Chinese culture and language itself... In Ms.Liu’s classroom everyone is extremely supportive and when you feel like quitting and giving up everyone especially Ms.Liu encourages you to stay and keep trying and eventually it becomes easier and easier. Another thing to add is it’s really fun to impress your friends and family when you are able to have a conversation with your mandarin teacher. When I went to meet the teacher night and was able to have a full conversation with my soon to be teacher my mom was in Awe. She was extremely impressed with what I have learned. All In all the program is an amazing experience and can open doors to many future job opportunities." -From Jena Mathern


    "Hello, I have been in the mandarin program for seven years now. This year I have Mrs. Liu as my mandarin teacher and her class has been so helpful for me. In this class, we don’t just learn how to speak mandarin, but we also learn about China’s culture, history, people, etc. I believe in the future this experience will open many doors for me. So far I have had such a great experience and I plan on continuing learning mandarin next year as well." -From Anastasia Besana


    "Hello! I’ve been in the mandarin immersion program here at Gavilan Peak for 5 years now and I absolutely love it! Learning mandarin has given me so many great opportunities and I know it will definitely help me in the future. I’m always learning new things and I can’t wait to continue it through high school. In addition, the school gives us students the opportunity to go to China over the summer, and since I will be going, it will be very beneficial to have my mandarin speaking skills! The teachers here are fantastic- especially my teacher for this year, Mrs. Liu- and I wouldn’t give up learning mandarin for anything else. Sure it can be challenging at times, but I’ve definitely become such a great person from it!" - From Addison Han


    "How's it going guys, I've been taking mandarin since kindergarten and have learned so much and had such a great time. The teachers are all really good and really teach us new things everyday about the language and culture." -From Nicholas Tsau


    "The mandarin program has been a great experience for me. I have been in for 8 years and it has taught me a lot. The teachers are really fun and understandable. I recommend participating in this program as early as possible." -From Dan Fankhauser


    "Hello! I love the Mandarin Immersion program! I've taken it since 3rd grade and I love it. It has offered me so many opportunities and there are many jobs to follow that include Mandarin! All my teachers have been amazing and made the program fun and great. I've learned so much in this program. Mrs. Liu has taught me a lot this year and I have learned so many new words and phrases. I do not regret taking Mandarin and want to continue with it for the rest of my life. This program is amazing and I encourage anyone to join it." –From Mikyla Lazurek


    "Hello! I am Ella Schoenfelder, an 8th grader, as of 2019-2020, that's been learning mandarin since 1st grade! I'm learning in the mandarin immersion right now, and it's made me realize how many opportunities this program has given me! Ms. Liu has been a great teacher throughout 8th grade, along with the other teachers who have taught me mandarin throughout my years as Gavilan Peak. I've learned so much mandarin, and I am excited to continue mandarin when I go to high school. This class has taught me so much, even when mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn after speaking English my entire life. I've always been impressed by the teachers' abilities to teach us mandarin, and it's been a big help that they are so amazing. I couldn't imagine a mandarin program without these teachers! I love the program so much, and I hope to continue learning this language as long as I can." - From Ella Schoenfelder


    "Hello! I am P.K. Hoppe and I am a 8th grade student in the mandarin immersion class. This program has given me so much and opened so many doors that will help me in the future. All of the mandarin teachers I have had over the years have all been so helpful and are willing to be there whenever you need help. Every day when you enter the classroom you will be immersed into the mandarin language and the culture and every day you will learn something you didn't know before. I am so thankful for all that Gavilan peak and the mandarin program has done, I hope that this program will continue on teaching many amazing kids the mandarin language." –From P.K. Hoppe


    "Hello". I have been in the mandarin immersion program since 1st grade and have enjoyed speaking it so much. The program will involve you with nice mandarin teachers and will enhance you more into the Chinese culture. We also learned some fun songs and dances while learning more mandarin vocabulary in a very fun way of learning. The mandarin teachers include every student and sometimes challenge you do finish the task at hand. Mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn but in this program we get to play games and have fun at the same time making the experience easier and more interesting. Overall this is my favorite subject in school because mandarin has such a unique atmosphere and it feels so special to speak two languages fluently. Mandarin can also help you with many jobs opportunities and social scenarios. I hope to travel to China one day with my fluent mandarin and experience it. The mandarin program has been really fun and I can't wait to continue it in high school. -From Lucas Ho


    "Hi! I've been in this program since I came to Gavilan Peak in kindergarten. This program has been amazing for me and especially very challenging. Mandarin immersion is such a great opportunity and I have experienced how much it can benefit you in the future. I have learned so much and all of my teachers have worked really hard to improve our skills. It has been fantastic to join and a lot of the time I have not been the easiest to have and I have still learned so much. This year i am an 8th grader and I have Mrs. Liu as my teacher, every day we have learned new material and spent time on the words. I feel I am improving every day and I am excited for what opportunities it will bring. I recommend mandarin immersion for future students for a challenging way to learn an amazing language!" - From Maia Milnor,米雅


    "Hello! I have been in the Mandarin Immersion Program since I was in kindergarten. It has been a great experience to learn this language and its culture. The teachers have helped me improve so much and have always made it fun and interesting to learn. This program has opened up so many opportunities for me and showed me how I could use this language later in life." -From Cameron Wilcox


    "The mandarin program at Gavilan Peak is great. It has helped me learn a lot, and I feel like I have improved a lot since I joined. I know new words, I'm more fluent in speaking, and know the proper words and sentence structures to use. The teachers are always kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this program"- From Kinsey Wunsch


    "Hello, I have been in this program since first grade and i believe that it has helped me a lot. It is really cool to learn such a different language compared to English. I also believe it will open opportunities in the future. It has been great eight years in the program and I am glad I have enrolled in it. :)"From Julia Schoenfelder


    "When I first signed up for Mandarin 1-2, I was slightly skeptical. I was kind of just doing it for the language credit. But then I actually started the class and really enjoyed it! We have a small class of 9, so we all know each other and get along. We have learned so much and had fun while doing it. All of us did really well on our semester 1 final, which was difficult! In the end, I love Mandarin 1-2 and I am so glad I made the decision to take the class! It’s an added benefit that the teacher is super nice and patient with us, which is important in learning a new language. I don’t regret my decision at all and can’t wait to continue with the class next year!"- From Hannah Logan


    “The Mandarin 1-2 class was awesome. I really enjoyed being it and learning all of the new words. She helps us read new books, write simple stories, watch fun videos, and play fun games. The teacher is super friendly and the class goes at a nice pace. She makes it Mandarin easy and fun to learn. The Mandarin program is also super beneficial for your future life and career. You should definitely consider joining the Mandarin 1-2 class” -From Jazlyn Braithwaite


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