• Hands-On Learning: Experiencing American History through Trips


    One unique opportunity students in the Academy have is the chance to travel to historical places in the U.S. The Academy has traveled to many places to learn about these places, and see first-hand how the US was developed into the country it is now and how civic engagement plays a part in maintaining our democracy. We also have some fun while we're traveling so students can experience the local culture, art/architecture, food, etc.

    Trips and Descriptions

    Summer Institute Trips (The week after school is out):

    • Philadelphia/New York- Students take a week-long trip to experience the establishment of the goverment and the battles in the Revolution in Pennsylvania, including Valley Forge, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the National Constitution Center.  Students also go to New York City to see Ellis Island, the 9/11 memorial, as well as some of the museums and a Broadway show.
    • Crow Canyon Archaeological Site- An active dig site in Colorado, students spend a week working at this research center with other students and adults and learn about the native peoples who lived there. It is one of only 3 dig sites in the U.S. that students can participate in.
    • Boston- Experience the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere's ride, Faneuil Hall, and other historical places in this week-long experience of the Revolution.  Students also get a chance to see other important places, such as Kennedy Presidential Library, John Adams' Home, and a trip to Fenway Park.
    • Virginia/D.C.- On this week-long journey, students get a mix of battlefields from the Civil War, a trip to the White House of the Confederacy, and presidential homes, including Washington's Mt. Vernon, Jefferson's Monticello, and Madison's Montpelier.  Students also get to visit the capital, D.C., and see institutions, like Congress, US Supreme Court, the White House, along with seeing all the monuments on the National Mall.

    We rotate trips so that we never do the same one twice in 3 years, so that students don't get a repeat.

    Senior/Junior Trip

    • California Time- Done usually over the President's Day weekend, this 3 day trip has students attending a simulation at the Reagan Presidential Library, then a trip to the Nixon Library, and then the last day varies between San Diego to the USS Midway, Anaheim for Disneyland, or San Diego for the Wildlife Safari Zoo.

    Freshman/Sophomore Trips

    • Renaissance Festival- Students go for a day to the Renaissance Festival and experience life in the Renaissance Era and how those ideas helped pave the way for the development of the U.S.
    • Titan Missile Museum- Students take a day trip down to the missile silo museum that was on alert during the Cold War.
    • Phoenix Crime Lab & Phoenix Police Museum- Students get to tour the active crime lab in downtown Phoenix and then have a chance to tour the Phoenix Police Museum and see how the Phoenix Police Department has evolved through the years, including some of the most famous events in US History, including the Miranda Case.


    Future Trips/Ideas:

    • Civil Rights and the South- A week-long journey that visits a plantation and historical cities that helped spawn the Civil Rights' Movement, including Atlanta, as well as visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park
    • Hawaii- This week-long trip focuses on the role of Imperialism by the Dole (pineapple) company in the takeover of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as looking at the impact of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into WWII.