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    Academics within the Academy of American Studies

    The Academy prides itself on the rigor of its program in regards to courses and overall academic success.

    • How do students get rigorous courses through the Academy?
      • Since the Academy is part of the Advanced Academics core, all Academy classes are Honors or AP. This ensures students get the highest rigor possible in preparing them for college


    • What courses are in the core of the Academy?
      • Freshman have ELA 1-2 Honors, Bio 1-2 Honors, and AP Human Geography
      • Sophomores take ELA 3-4 Honors, Chem Honors, and World History AP, along with a project-based US 2 Online Course
      • Juniors take AP Language and AP US History
      • Seniors take AP Literature and AP Gov/Economics, as well as a 90 hour internship that is handled through a US 4 Online course


    • What benefit does taking these courses have for students?
      • Students who are college-bound gain the skills necessary for succeeding in the post-secondary level
      • These courses also help in a student's grade point average (GPA), which can be helpful in gaining academic scholarships